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*Grumbles* Everyone with something to do except me. I've read the same Queen of the Damned paragraph over and over again and its only been one bloody day.

You could have warned me that you were going on holiday Scottish Ones!!!!! I could have prepared myself, got a social life or something but noooo... and guess what my Boyfriend is on bloody holiday too FOR A WEEK. He is my social life.

A Particularly Bored Jenn x100,000,000
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I'll be in London from the 1st to 6th April, so I probably won't be able to post between those dates. Unless I miraculously get my hands on my mum's friend's work laptop or something.
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I am Jenn, I'll be your Louis on the flight game, I am 15 also... I should also be revising, last year of school, big exams, need to get a B in english to get into college.

My b'day is May 20th YOU BETTER NOT FORGET IT! :) I expect hugs and stuff. 16 is a big year.. means I can get a job in HMV LOL

LOL strange I've known most of you for over three years now LOL.. I've been rp'ing for three years wow..

P.S I'm not scottish, I'm english.. who wants to be a stinky scottish person *runs as fast as she can* Scottish people are scary.

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Hello, I'm Kasia AKA the mod, and I'm going to be your Armand for the duration of this flight game! I'm 15 and live in Scotland. Doing exams at the moment so I should really be revising instead of gaming but ANYWAY. Hi. ^^
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